Call to: Heads of CARICOM states, CARICOM secretariat, Caribbean civil

Re: Haiti’s membership of CARICOM

From: Haiti Advocacy Platform Ireland / UK (Haiti Support Group,
Christian Aid, Oxfam GB, Cafod, Tearfund, Concern Worldwide, Sciaf,
Trocaire): a grouping of British and Irish development NGOs and
solidarity organisations working in Haiti and supporting the Haitian

Date: 13th June 2006

We welcome the granting of full and final accession of Haiti to
membership of CARICOM, and the fact that election of a President and
parliament opens the way for the re-engagement of Haiti with the other
Caribbean states. Haiti has suffered from a long and dire political and
economic crisis, and there is now a rare opportunity for Caribbean
neighbours to support progressive and constructive change in Haiti.

We believe that this opportunity should not be squandered and call on
the CARICOM Secretariat and CARICOM member states to commit to a
specific package of support for the country.

With this in mind, we present the attached recommendations on areas
where we believe CARICOM could provide support to Haiti.